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CJ Web Design is an Internet software company developing interactive web sites for companies who want to explore the enormous potential for building business online. We design, build, host and manage web sites for a wide range of clients, large and small. Screen Pages has established itself at the forefront of both the Finance and Retail sectors, each involving the development of customer-facing business-critical applications.


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Electronic commerce opens up new communication paths for finding new custom, promoting your Brand, selling goods and services, supporting the sales process and enhancing customer services.

There has been an explosion of commerce on the Internet Marketing. Companies are no longer limited to physical storefronts or printed catalogues to sell their goods, and more cheaper used laptops businesses are seeing the benefits of selling via the web. e-commerce is growing rapidly and is here to stay.

Since the cost of setting up an electronic shop front is small compared with the conventional equivalent, small and medium sized operators can now compete effectively with larger organisations. By organising your services or products into an Interactive catalogue, your electronic store allows customers to shop at a time that is convenient for them, compare different brands and pricing and buy direct from the comfort of their home or office

CJ Web Design


CJ Web Design are committed to offering high quality web site design and development services to both large and small companies alike.

We specialize in custom designed or bespoke solutions tailored to your needs as well as offering a range of standard designs for exceptional value for money.