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CJ Web Design is an Internet software company developing interactive web sites for companies who want to explore the enormous potential for building business online. We design, build, host and manage web sites for a wide range of clients, large and small. Screen Pages has established itself at the forefront of both the Finance and Retail sectors, each involving the development of customer-facing business-critical applications.


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Web Site, like any other marketing media, the public face of a company. How it is designed, and the message it conveys, must be carefully considered to ensure maximum impact and involvement for the target market.

Perceptions have still to change about the Internet and the marketing scope it can offer. It is unlikely to replace traditional media, but can no longer be ignored or identified as an afterthought on a company's marketing plan.

I provide high quality web design, content authoring and Internet consultancy services to small businesses in and around Brisbane, and clients worldwide.

I offer "at-cost" web design services to local non-profit organisations like language lessons school, small charities and community groups, as part of an ongoing community programme.

Practically every organisation can benefit from the application of good quality web design, effective copywriting and experienced consultancy services.

Why not see what I can do for you and your business, now?

Who I am, and why my experience, skills and knowledge can make the difference to your aircraft charter online projects now and in the future. Whether you need web design, internet consultancy, copywriting or copyediting, I can help.

Details of the areas in which I can make a difference when it comes to successfully getting your business onto the Internet for the long term.

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Articles, columns and papers written to assist small businesses in establishing a successful Internet presence, and make the most of London web design, consultancy and writing services.

Clients include record companies, labels, bands, dj's, recording studios through to clubs, companies and products.We constantly move on and encourage our people to do the same so when you give us a brief you will get in return the broadest possible range with the most flexible approach.

CJ Web Design


CJ Web Design are committed to offering high quality web site design and development services to both large and small companies alike.

We specialize in custom designed or bespoke solutions tailored to your needs as well as offering a range of standard designs for exceptional value for money.