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CJ Web Design is an Internet software company developing interactive web sites for companies who want to explore the enormous potential for building business online. We design, build, host and manage web sites for a wide range of clients, large and small. Screen Pages has established itself at the forefront of both the Finance and Retail sectors, each involving the development of customer-facing business-critical applications.


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In all forms of Direct marketing, success is geared to the effective collection and manipulation of customer information. Electronic commerce extends these capabilities, allowing electronic merchants to create a genuine, one to one relationship with every customer and prospect. We have recently worked with I Love Dressmaking to market their talents and make more markets aware of their high quality clothing patterns.

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By analysing the data generated you can generate individual web pages automatically, send e-mail notification of sales and special promotions, test promotions and quickly improve the effectiveness of marketing programs. More information available from The Direct Marketing Association and ABPCO - The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers.

Until now it cost a small fortune to design and set up shop on the Internet. To create a transaction based Web site meant considerable bespoke Software Development with long costly development cycles. Now, with CJ Design you can create visually exciting, powerfully interactive catalogues on the Internet at an affordable price. CJ Design allows you to collect, organise, manage, layout and publish catalogues with total customisation.

CJ Web Design


CJ Web Design are committed to offering high quality web site design and development services to both large and small companies alike.

We specialize in custom designed or bespoke solutions tailored to your needs as well as offering a range of standard designs for exceptional value for money.